Lilian de Greef

AI for CHAMP (Cardiac High Acuity Monitoring Program)

Lilian de Greef, Jessica Lundin, Naoto Usayama, Children's Mercy Hospital CHAMP Team


CHAMP (short for Cardiac High Acuity Monitoring Program) is a system developed at Children's Mercy Hospital for monitoring infants with single ventricle heart disease. During the critical months between the first and second heart surgeries, caretakers use CHAMP tablets to send daily measurements such as oxygen saturation and 15 second videos for hospital care teams to review. While the creation of CHAMP in the last few years has dramatically decreased mortality rates, most patients still experience costly trips to the emergency room and unplanned hospital readmissions. I worked on leveraging AI to help care teams discover medical complications sooner, enabling even more proactive interventions that could mitigate these issues. I communicated with medical partners at Children’s Mercy Hospital, concretized technical goals, formulated methodology, wrangled and pre-processed data, developed prediction algorithms, and drafted the team’s future work. Insights from my work have already influenced clinical practice, with the potential for further impact as the project develops.

My project was highlighted on Microsoft Research's Instagram account!