Lilian de Greef

LogiSketch: A Free-Sketch Digital Circuit Design and Simulation System

Kevin Chan, Lilian de Greef, Alexa Keizur, Alice Paul, Brian Liao, June Woo Suk, Christine Alvarado


I worked on LogiSketch, a system that recognizes hand-drawn digital logic diagrams and then allows students to simulate those diagrams. LogiSketch is one of few complete sketch recognition systems (and the first in its domain) that allows the student to draw freely, without drawing style constraints. LogiSketch employs novel recognition feedback and active support for error correction. Different groups of students worked on this project over the course of several years; I was part of a six-person team (4 undergraduate + 2 high school students) the summer of 2010. I specifically focused on methods to refine sketch recognition and refactoring code. I helped the team with user interface design and circuit simulation. The software was then rolled out and used in Harvey Mudd College’s introductory computer science course. Our work was further built on by students the next summer, which they published as a chapter in The Impact of Pen and Touch Technology on Education.